A Certified ZeroChlor Pool Systems Installer

The World’s Leading 100% Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Sanitizer

ZeroChlor Pool System Installation Diagram

  • Healthier: No More Burning Eyes or Irritaded Skin.
  • Eliminates 99% of Vinyl Liner Color Fading.
  • Prevents and May Even reverse Plaster Scale.
  • Pool Equipment Lasts Longer…Much Longer.
  • Titanium Grid Produced Hydroxyl Radicals.
  • 3-Stage Activated Glass Filtration (Add-On Purchase).
  • High Exposure Time Ultra Violet Light (HET-UV).
  • Copper Ionization for Residual Sanitation Effect.

ZeroChlor Pool Systems are the absolute top of the line AOP system employing 6-Bar Double Sided Titanium Array for Hydroxyl Radical production and the results have been amazing. The ZeroChlor system does not use ozone and we give you our word that our system never will!

The ZeroChlor System uses only the most effective and efficient titanium based method for producing massive amounts of hydroxyl radicals which are used to sanitize the pool water. The ZeroChlor System uses copper ionization simply as a backup residual sanitizer (additional protection). The “secret sauce” of any AOP system is the hydroxyl radicals produced by the system. The ZeroChlor System sets the standard for hydroxyl radical production with our world patented 6-Bar Double Sided Titanium Grid.

Certified ZeroChlor Pool Systems Installer